Stepping into Monasticism

How to be Engaged

There are a number of different ways you can be involved. They are outlined below. We invite you to be a Monastic or a Practitioner as well as a contributor.

As a Monastic

Our hope is to have a community of individuals whom are actively living out our shared commitment.

As a Practitioner

There will be people who want to join with us in our practices without actively living out the whole of the shared commitment.

As a Contributor

Throughout the life of Urban Monastics there will be needs that exist beyond our way of life. A contributor helps us create and realize these needs. Often there are projects we are working on which you could help us with.

There may be more opporuntiies, but as of now this is what is on the horizion for us.

  • Musicians to help create music for our prayers
  • Artists to create visuals to go with our practices and prayers
  • Software Engineers to help us develop our infastructure, tools, and apps.
  • Scholars who are willing to help translate texts for us from Greek, Hebrew, and Latin.
  • Financial Donors to help with costs as we explore the possible futures for Urban Monasticism.

Time Commitment

For those joining us as a Monastic or a Practitioner we ask that as a base you commit to the following time. For those who are willing to contribute to developing this further, that would take seperate time.


  • Praying the Hours: 10-20 minutes, twice a day (morning and evening)


  • Take part in Communion
  • Work towards Fasting all food one day a week (Sleep to Sleep)


  • Join our Monthly evening of Vespers, Communion, and Conversation

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