Take Care of Yourself Spiritually, Mentally, and Physically

Take Care of Yourself Spiritually, Mentally, and Physically

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The fullness of our spirit, mind, and body make up our presence. These three are interwoven and inseparable from who we are as people. Jesus cared for His whole self, and we should follow His example.

Every one of our breaths, thoughts, and moments with God is divine mercy. Each depends upon the others. The tender love and kindness of our God invites you to care for yourself. His grace and mercy found you as you were, and not as you might be. The path we walk with Jesus will challenge, stretch, and grow every part of us. We are not sprinting through this life. We carry our cross as we follow Jesus.

Take care of yourself. You are responsible for yourself. No one else can do the work needed to care for your whole self. We take care of ourselves so we can more fully embody our presence. Then, when we are present with God or others we show up in spirit, mind, and body. The fabric of our presence is woven from the threads of each of these three elements. Within the life we have been given, let us care for our whole self.

We should care for ourselves in a balanced way. Discover how to care for each part of you, and for all of you. You should expect this to look different for each person, and in different times of your life. Amidst the differences, our goal is the same. Focus on being fully present by giving your whole self attention and care.


Your life of prayer, reflection, and meditation cares for your spirit. This care brings you face to face with the best and worst of yourself. Be gentle and kind as our Lord helps you see with truth and honesty. The best care for our spirit is to bask in the grace and mercy of God. Allow this redeeming and refining light to shine throughout your spirit. Within your spirit you will see its cracks and pieces. Seeing yourself clearly is how you care for your spirit. Our Lord Jesus will hold the brokenness of your spirit together.


The goal of your mental care is to be able to fully feel your emotions. We understand that our emotions are an interwoven part of ourselves. This requires us to accept and be present with our thoughts and feelings. You should work towards being calm and disciplined in their presence. This is not natural for us. It is normal to want to flee from parts of ourselves. Be kind to yourself on this journey. Look for people you can trust to guide you. You are on a journey to a place where you are comfortable with who you are. It is possible to experience life without the seas of your mind raging. You can have any thought or feeling with calmness, clarity, and presence of mind. Jesus experienced everything from joy, happiness, and redemption to despair, agony, and grief. As we care for our minds, we must expect to experience and live within all that life will be.


The resurrected body of Jesus retained the marks and wounds of his life and crucifixion. Like Jesus, your body holds the wounds of your life. This is the one body you have. You would not be you without your body. Accept it as it is, and take care of it for the gift that it is. Be kind with your body as you care for it. With time, your body will become frail and will return to dust. Be present with your body today and tomorrow, for our God delights in you as you are. Enjoy your body and what it can do. Your body is good. Do good things for your body.

Invitations to Engage

  • How is this invitation to care for yourself, being fully present with your spirit, mind, and body, different from other ways you hear care spoken of?
  • Reflect on what is most difficult about caring for your spirit? Mind? Body?
  • Celebrate with God the body that you have as it is today.
  • Celebrate with God the mind that you have as it is today.
  • What is difficult about seeing and accepting the brokenness of your spirit?
  • Reflect on how humility and honesty intermingle with caring for your whole self.
  • Take time quietly to be present with and in your body. Acknowledge all the ways your body feels and what you can see. Praise God for all you notice about your body as it is in this moment.
  • What is different about caring for yourself when it starts from a place of God’s tender love and kindness?
  • How does the fruit of the Spirit inform the way you care for your body as you age?
  • How has your lack of care for a part of yourself hindered the fullness of your presence?
  • What ways has God invited you to care for yourself today?
  • How do monastic practices and rhythms help you care for yourself?
  • Reflect on the tension you feel today between caring for your body and your body returning to dust.
  • Come up with a list of ways that you enjoy your body and give God praise for each one.

Meditations on this Rule