Urban Monastic Translations

Beautiful texts to help us connect with God, others, and ourselves.

We looked for texts, but could not find ones we wanted to use with our community. Texts that felt at home with what Urban Monastics was becoming. Many of the available texts used outdated language. Others had stiff wording. We made the decision to create our own. Our first translations were written in October 2020. Our focus is to make texts that are easy to read, use contemporary language, are welcoming, and are God honoring.

The need for Scripture in a specific situation drives our work. This is important because scripture is at the heart of many of our spiritual practices. Scripture makes up most of the Divine Office and Lectio Divina. Unless otherwise noted, we use our own work. Currently, there are no plans to translate the full Bible.

The translations fall into two categories. The first is for the breviary, and the other is for everything else. All biblical scripture and texts for the Divine Office are part of the Breviary. We use the term breviary to clarify that these texts are not from a complete Bible. You can learn about some of the differences in our writing guidelines.

Our Breviary

In English

Urban Monastic Breviary

En Français

Bréviaire Monastique Urbain

Other Translations

In English

Urban Monastic Translation

En Français

Traduction Monastique Urbain

Translations of Psalms and Canticles

The Psalms and Canticles are the foundation of the Divine Office. These scriptures are our focus for translation. There is a page for the Psalms and Canticles. Each page highlights the progress made.

Our Psalms

Our Canticles

Licensing and Usage

All our translations and texts are copyrighted by Urban Monastic. They are free for personal use. They are not available for commercial use without prior written consent. All uses that generate revenue are commercial. These texts are living documents. They will change over time to better serve their roles within the lives of Urban Monastics.

Our Content

Learn about all the content created for Urban Monastic.

Writing Guidelines

Foundational guidelines for all our written works.

Common Source Texts

These are some of the source texts used by our translations.

  • SBL Greek New Testament
  • Morphological Greek New Testament
  • Nova Vulgata
  • Liturgia Horarum (©2000 Libreria Editrice Vaticana)
  • Thesaurus Liturgiae Horarum Monasticæ (1977)
  • Septuagint (LXX)
  • Codex Sinaiticus
  • Leningrad Codex (Westminster)