Urban Monastic Content

All our content is created for Urban Monastics.

Creating Content.
Content for us.

The decision to only use our own content came about during our first years. It was something the founders felt God was inviting us to. That invitation was challenging, loving, and profound. It is a big task to create all our content. This invitation led us into a period of reflection. A time to better understand who we would become. This prayerfulness gave us clarity and insight for our future. It led us to understand six unique characteristics of Urban Monastics. These characteristics help guide us. Together with the invitation, they showed a need for a unique type of content. The kind of content we create and use.

  • Resources and texts that are easy to use and discover.
  • Sharing a consistent level of quality and experience.
  • Welcoming people across Christain traditions. Resources and texts created for all.
  • Our posture of serving local churches. Both now and into the future.
  • Written for a contemporary and broad audience.
  • Freedom for us to reuse, remix, repurpose, and share.

Committing to creating our content means that we will move slower at first. This is a tradeoff we felt was worth making for us. The decision to create our own content means we will do less curating of content for our community. There are many good reasons to curate. Using curated work is much faster. We expect that our work will compound over time. That our content will become part of the foundation to sustain Urban Monastics. We have been developing our guidelines and processes over time. They help us ensure a level of quality and consistency. They will also make it easier for more individuals to contribute.

Writing Guidelines

Foundational guidelines for all our written works.

Media Guidelines

Non-written work need their own guidelines.

Urban Monastic Translations

There are translations being made for us.

Process for Writing & Translation

The process for written works before being published or verified.

Guidelines for Types of Content

Types of content may have specific guidelines.

Note: The use of the word guideline is intentional. Each point outlined is a goal we hope our content will meet. An author may also choose not to meet specific guidelines for a particular piece of work. Let us know if you discover content from us that you feel falls short.  Also, let us know if you have suggestions for ways we can improve.