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The First Steps are Easy

Begin your journey into an urban lay monastic life. Explore new ways to pray. Discover our monastic way of life. Your inward journey with Jesus will take a lifetime. Let us rest in the presence of God together.

You’re invited to step into monasticism. You can take your first steps today. We look forward to going on this journey with you.

Gatherings of Urban Monastics

the Gatherings of Urban Monastics

You are invited to join a Gathering of Urban Monastics. All are welcome during this hour together. In this time we will pray Vespers, partake the Eucharist, and enjoy a conversation. Conversations focused on living monastic lives.

We go on retreat to give us space to pray, rest, reflect, meditate, and grow. Retreats are acts of faith.

Every Urban Monastic retreat is prayerfully curated and designed. They help us be more present with ourselves and our God. Prayer is the foundation of our retreats. 

Retreats with Urban Monastics

Retreats with Urban Monastics

Lectio Divina

the Spiritual Practice of the Month

Lectio Divina is a practice of listening to scripture read out loud while we allow the Holy Spirit’s presence to speak to us. When we quiet ourselves and meditate on the text, we allow space to experience God and rest in his love and grace.

Explore this Way of Life

The Way of Life for Urban Monastics

Monastic life grows upon the foundation of a Way of Life. It is also called a Rule. Urban Monasticism is no different. Our Rule is adapted from the Rule of Saint Benedict. It is the foundation that helps us live intentionally as Urban Monastics.

the Urban Monastic Breviary

A Monastic Breviary is a book of the Divine Office. These liturgical prayers give structure to our daily lives. As an ecumenical community, we felt it was important to translate our own book of hours.

This is an ongoing project.