What We Do

We are here to invite and equip you. To let you know that you are not alone. To make explicit the love, grace, and mercy that Jesus has in abundance for you. Inviting you again and again back to the practices and rhythms. Inviting you without shame or judgment. You will be equipped with what you need to live the practices and rhythms.

The Mission of Urban Monastics

Urban Monastics invites and equips people to live a monastic life through its practices and rhythms. Inviting them into both global and local ecumenical communities. Equipping them with what they need to adopt and live the Urban Monastic Way of Life.

Inviting and Equipping

We are a community of Urban Monastics and those sojourning with us. This organization is here to gather, grow, and equip people all around the world. It is through these three ways that we fulfill our mission. The fabric of each way is woven with invitations and equipping.


Inviting people, like you, from around the globe into our community.

We meet together online and in person for events, retreats, and more.


Sharing with new people about Urban Monasticism, our practices, and rhythms.

Helping our community tend to their spiritual and personal growth.


Teaching, modeling, and inviting others into our practices, rhythms, and Way of Life.

Creating resources for our practices and rhythms that fit our ecumenical and accessible values.

Our Major Projects

There are many projects underway and planned. These five projects are the most anticipated by our community. All of these projects are in process and ongoing.

Events & Gatherings

Since 2019 we’ve hosted monthly Gatherings of Urban Monastics. It is a time to pray the divine office, take the Eucharist, and enjoy a conversation.

Urban Monastic Breviary

Praying the Divine Office is a foundation of monasticism. We are in the process of translating and creating our own prayer book – known as a Breviary.

Self-Guided Retreats

These retreats invite you to escape into solitude. Rhythms and practices are crafted to guide you for a set number of days.

In-Person Retreats

Meeting together at Monasteries for several days. That we might get to live our practices, rhythms, and community together.

Monastic Apps & Platform

We are building applications and a web platform to help us better connect as a community and experience our practices.

Learn more about our Projects.