Spiritual Practices

A monastic life is devoted to prayer. To spiritual living that is prayerful. To creating and dedicating time for meditation and contemplation. To deepening our understanding and relationship with God. There are many prayerful practices that can help us. This is a growing collection of practices.

Primary Practices

These three primary practices are written into the Urban Monastic Way of Life. These are active spiritual cornerstone practices for monasticism going back to the earliest years of the Church.

Divine Office

Officium Divinum

Sing or recite liturgical prayers for different times of day, weeks, and seasons. Also called the Prayer of the Church, or the Liturgy of the Hours.

🕣 10 – 20 Minutes



Partake in rite of Holy Communion that Jesus instituted on the night he was betrayed.

🕣 5 Minutes



To abstain from all food for at least a day.

🕣 1+ Days

Foundational Disciplines

One will encounter these disciplines across Christian spiritual practices. They are highlighted here to provide a shared understanding of these critical lifelong disciplines.



Being purposefully in God’s tender and loving presence where thoughts, emotions, and words can move in both directions.



Using our bodies and minds to play our part in sustaining and improving society and creation.



Focusing your body, mind, and spirit onto or towards something in particular.



Opening yourself to what God may bring to your mind or spirit.

Additional Practices

There are many active ways to prayerfully engage with God. May these additional practices guide you deeper into the loving and graceful presence of our God.



To abstain from something as an alternative to fasting.

🕣 ??

Breath Prayer

Oratio Respiro

A repeated and brief meditative prayer in two parts.

🕣 1+ Minutes

Centering Prayer

Oratio Centratum

To abstain from all food for at least a day.

🕣 1+ Minutes



A gracious Spirit led revealing of how God was recently present in your life.

🕣 5+ Minutes

Imaginative Prayer

Oratio‌ Imaginativa

Reflective listening to an imaginative telling of a biblical narrative.

🕣 10-20 Minutes

Lectio Divina

Divine Reading

A meditative listening of a scripture passage over multiple readings.

🕣 5-30 Minutes

Spiritual Reading

Lectio Spiritualis

Reading texts outside of Scripture that enrich our understanding and appreciation for God and the works of God across time and space.

🕣 5+ Minutes

Visio Divina

Divine Seeing

A meditative seeing a created thing with attention to insights guided by God.

🕣 5+ Minutes