Breath Prayer

A brief repeated meditative prayer in two parts.

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God breathed. God breathed life into all of creation. God breathed life into you and me. Breath is a natural sign and giver of life. When we take our first breath, life truly begins. When our breathing stops, our earthly life ends. Breath sustains life.

When we invite God into our very existence, our breath, that giver of life collides with The Giver of life. We invite the presence of God into our words and our actions. Pairing the realities of God with our experiences opens the door for closer fellowship with our Creator. God meets us there, elevating simple action to a holy presence.

When we integrate prayer and meditation into our breath, it allows us to intentionally focus on the Being of God. Breath prayer is slow. It is intentional. It is rhythmic. It is a meditative, meaningful time with our Creator. The one who breathed life into us, and meets us in that breath. Let us then turn and invite God into the sustaining breath He has given us.

A Short History

We read in scripture that every living, breathing creature praises God. That we should pray without ceasing. That God breathed life into being.

It is said that breath prayer originated by the Desert Mothers and Fathers (around 200CE). Taking a short excerpt from scripture to meditate on, and repeat as a prayer to God.

The first recognized breath prayer was taken from a passage in the gospels. Bartimaeus was a blind man in seek of healing. Upon encountering Jesus, he cried out in his despair for Him to heal him and give him sight. It is out of this display of fervent faith that Bartimaeus was answered yes in his prayer to receive sight. If you don’t know where to start, join Bartimaeus in what has become known as “the Jesus Prayer.” Luke 18:13 or Mark 10:47 give reference to this plead.

Inhale: Jesus Christ, Son of God,
Exhale: have mercy on me, a sinner.

We as Christians have a connection to the Divine through scripture. Let us meditate on these holy texts to pull us closer to God.

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