Being present with God, and others through simple monastic rhythms in everyday life. Rhythms that help us reconnect with God, the cities we live in, and live more holistic lives.

Our modern world is complex, full, and demanding. Without commitment to regular rhythms we become passengers in our own lives. Urban Monasticism is a way of living that focuses on inviting Jesus into the small choices we make each day. In community with God we come to know ourselves. With each small step we can become the person God hopes we will be. A rhythm of practices help us actively live our life with Jesus in the center. Historic practices of faith bringing depth to our relationship with God, connection with neighbors, and transformation of self. This is a way to live an active faith in the middle of work and life in the city. We are a group of ecumenical Christian of ministers, leaders, and everyday Christians living in urban areas.


Within a monastic community each person must attend to work of both faith and vocation. Both tasks are spiritual. Each person would provide work that makes money to maintain the community. With a similar spirit each urban monastic should work to provide for themself. The practices and disciplines of faith help us to work well at our vocation. They keep our hearts focused on the kingdom of heaven while working in kingdoms that fade. Together we commit to a way of life – a rule – which we pursue with grace and humility together. This way of life allows us to be more present with God in our daily lives.


The movement of vocation into cities reshaped the way people live and work. We now find the vast majority of work opportunities in large urban centers. God is incarnate in the world, and the Holy Spirit dwells within us and others. To work and live within the city is to be in the midst of people God loves. For those of us called to the city together we commit to rhythms and practices. That in the midst of city life we do not loose our focus on the Kingdom of Heaven.


Together we have no commitment to one christian tradition we are open and accepting of all who love Jesus. Embracing and rediscovering our shared Christian monastic history. Our rule does not call for communal living, poverty, or chastity as many orders do. We do share a deep commitment to rediscover the practices that sustained our monastic sisters and brothers from the early days of the church. Urban Monasticism is cenobitic, and practiced in the neighborhoods in which we live. No matter how far or close you feel to Jesus today, you are welcome to join us.