Media Guidelines

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The Urban Monastic vision needs more than written content. Our world is sensory. We live through our senses. These media guidelines are for what is not written. There are separate guidelines for writing and for media. There are unique issues for media. Things like subjects, aesthetics, styles, and visual messaging.

The goal is for our media to feel like Urban Monasticism. To help us communicate with consistency. That our written and media messages feel of a similar quality, richness, and depth. A clarity that makes it easier for someone to contribute media for us to use.

Some guidelines will encompass all types of media. Others will be specific to a creative medium, or specific use cases. Text used in our media should follow their guidelines. This includes captions and alternative text for those with visual impairments. Absolutely no media should be used for which we do not have the rights to.

  • Media must be created for Urban Monasticism.
    • Exception for Visio Divina and our Proper of Saints.
  • Media should avoid symbols of the state or empire. (unless the context lends itself)
  • Media should avoid positively presenting capitalism.
  • Media should avoid including personal vehicles. (Cars, Trucks, Motorcylces, etc)
  • Media should avoid weapons of war, or scenes of war. (unless the unavoidable in context)
  • Visuals should avoid looking down on people from above.
  • Visuals of a city should feel like they come out of daily life there.
  • Visuals should not be tourist highlights.
  • Visuals should feel within or a part of their place.
  • Visuals should not be primarily about a person without their written consent.
  • Photography should be high resolution and pixel quality to be printable at size.
  • Artwork should feel polished and finished
  • Media should avoid symbols of national identity
    (flags, currency, easily identifiable prominent government buildings)