Listing of all the Canticles

Below is a listing of the canticles from the Old and New Testaments. As we publish notes on the translations of the texts they will also be listed from here. We have also included the canticle numbering from the Liturgia Horarum (LH#). After the Canticles are published we will update the titles with links to read them in the scriptorium, and many will also include a reflection on the translation process. If you are interested in our approach to translations you can read our translation guidelines.

The canticles will be translated first in the order in which we need them. While we are in process we will be jumping around these lists. If you have need for a specific canticle which is not yet translated let us know, and we will see what we can do.

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Old Testament

The Canticles from the Old Testament are placed within the major hour of Morning prayer (also known as Lauds).

New Testament

The canticles from the New Testament are placed within the major hour of evening prayer (also known as Vespers).

The first three canticles (Magnificat anima mea, Benedictus Dominus, and Nunc Dumittis) are present within the offices of Morning (Lauds), Evening (Vespers), and Night (Complines) respectively. These three are thus elevated above all other canticles in that they are prayed every day and are not substituted or changed based on the schedule or propers.

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