Writing in Community

I’ve been invited to be a regular contributor over at The Antioch Session along with a diverse, creative group of writers that I’m honored to get to know and write along with.  This is one of those writing communities that I’ve really admired and I definitely encourage you to go check out what other people are saying over there as well.   For now I’ll be posting there about once a month and you can find my contributions here.

As for this space I’m not sure what to do with it yet but I’m going to hang onto the domain until it comes up for renewal.  If I still haven’t figured out what I want to do here by that point I will probably shut it down.  I’ve had a good go at running my own blog and its certainly been fun.  But maybe it’s time for this to come to a close.  I also opened a tumblr page where I post pictures and quotes that either help me think creatively or that I find inspirational.  If you’re on tumblr let me know.  Thanks for reading my rambling posts and being patient with my poor grammar!

Until next time: Pray, Work and Drink Coffee.