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Cultivating Hospitality

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From the earliest days of monasticism, their communities became known for their hospitality. Many monasteries had hotels, while others had space to care for the sick and elderly. Today, the practice of hospitality plays a large role in monastic communities everywhere. What might it look like for us to cultivate hospitality in ourselves, and where might we discover opportunities to practice hospitality?


Prayer for Peace and Reconciliation

There is a profound need for peace and reconciliation. Violent people are again wielding death and terror in the Holy Land. There is unprecedented violence, terror, and death across both Israel and Palestine. In the midst of so much sorrow and dismay, let us turn to the Lord in prayer. That we ask the Lord to give us His peace. To give all people His peace.

The people of both lands deserve peace and reconciliation.


Living Monastic Rhythms

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There are daily, weekly, monthly, and annual rhythms to a monastic life. These rhythms do more than support and sustain a monastic way of life. They help us live through and embody meaningful theological realities. They help us to reflect upon and experience the life of Christ and invite us to a fuller experience of what it means to be alive and a child of God.


How we Consume

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In a world driven by consumption, it is our contentment and gratitude that are counter-cultural. With the beginning of Advent, let us slow down together for a moment. Let us reflect on how our world makes us discontent. Might we, in this season of anticipation, choose to meet that discontentment not with things but with the one born in a manger for all the world.

Embodying the Fruit of the Spirit

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There are no shortcuts to the transforming and sanctifying work of God in our lives. To make matters more confusing, there are many ideas of Christian maturity. Let us elevate the person and character of Jesus as our hope. Becoming more like Jesus through attending to the Holy Spirit within us. The fruit of the Spirit describes the person of Jesus and the nature of God. Let us hopefully expect God’s work in us. Work that leads to us naturally embodying the fruit of the Spirit from the inside out.

Pursuing God through Prayer

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Prayer draws us into an awareness of Gods presence. A way of being close to His tenderness and love. Let our love of God inspire us to live a life dedicated to prayer. Where prayer allows thoughts, emotions, and words to move to both directions.

Being People of Peace, Not of Violence and Death

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Throughout the history of monasticism, our ancestors have not fought. They rejected violence, even when it meant their own death. The monastic tradition we are a part of is unwavering in its rejection of violence. We are to be people of peace. People who stand against the killing of anyone.

Remembering and Keeping the Lord’s Day Holy

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Every Sunday brings us back to the cross and the resurrection of our Christ. A weekly day for remembrance, and set aside as holy. A holy day we give to prayer, praise, and being present with our God who conquered death.

Seeking and Making a Home Within Silence

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The quiet of a monastic life is hard within the city. We must seek silence, and make a home within it for ourselves. Discover and create prayerful spaces of silence to be present with God, and ourselves.

Local Day Retreat in Minneapolis

Mill City Church 685 13th Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN, United States

You’re invited to devote a day to prayer, rest, and silence. Set aside this day to devote yourself fully to prayer. Step outside your normal rhythms, slow down, and pray with others in Minneapolis. You will receive everything you need to enjoy God’s presence and to explore different ways to pray. Together we will pray