A Glimpse into Life as an Urban Monastic

A monastic life grows from the way of life (or rule) they follow. It gives context, structure, and purpose to their life. A life that dances between learning about God and living with God. Letting the fixed-hour prayers of the Divine Office give structure to their life. A life devoted to God. Out of love and joy, their devotion gives up much of what our world has to offer.

This is a life rooted in the love and grace of God. Known and shown to us through Jesus. One resonates within this love. Feels an invitation. A cherishing of contemplative prayers and practices. Becoming a monastic grafts us into a tradition. From the desert mothers and fathers of Egypt through us today. Let our lives honor the monastics who sustained the Church. Lives marked by prayer, fasting, deep devotion to Jesus, and passionate living with God.

Intersted in getting started?

Life as an Urban Monastic

Everyone steps into Urban Monasticism in their own way and with their own timing. This is a glimpse that lets you see an average day and week. One can be as involved as they desire. We are here to support each other.

Daily Life

Around 30-40 Minutes

Pray the Divine Office of Lauds

Pray the Divine Office of Vespers


Pray additional hours of the Divine Office
Pray through an additional Spiritual Practice
Reflect and Meditate on part of our Way of Life

Weekly Life

Around 1 Hour

Partake in the Eucharist

Fast for a Day**

Attend Church or Mass

Monthly Life

Around 1 Hour

Attend the Gathering of Urban Monastics

Abstain for One Week of the Month**

Yearly Life

1+ Days depending on what you can manage

Go on a Spiritual Retreat with God

** Urban Monastics are only asked to do one of these two. Abstaining is a concession for those who are medically unable to fast. Those who can fast should fast. These are similar but different spiritual practices.