How to Pray the Divine Office

There are many different ways that one can pray. One way to pray we call praying the offices (also known as Liturgy of the Hours, Praying the Hours, the divine office, Gods Work [Opus Dei]). You may also hear it called the Breviary after the text which is prayed through.

There are different ways to pray the office. One can simply read the texts out loud (this is a good starting point), or you can chant the texts, and some breviaries are sung. If you have never prayed an office before we encourage you to simply read the text out loud.

A large portion of the offices are made up of Psalms and other poetic passages from the Bible. In these texts you will often is an asterisks (*) which should be observed as a pause in your reading.

For Example

I will fulfil my vows to the LORD*
in the presence of all his people.

Psalm 116:16