Lectio Divina

An engaged listening to a passage of scripture over multiple readings.


One prays Lectio Divina in three steps, wrapped in prayer. Most of this prayer is spent in still silence. The work of this prayer is internal and personal. 


Find a space where you can be undisturbed for the duration of the prayer. It can be helpful to light a candle to symbolize God being present in this time with you. Decide in advance how long you will pray and break the time down. It can be helpful to note when each reading should start.

Silence can be preferred to avoid distraction. There may be circumstances where having music in place is helpful. In this case, choose something without lyrics that has a pacing that is calm and slow. Find a track that is either long enough or that you can loop.

Step by Step

Quick Guide

The prayer of Lectio Divina has four parts.
A passage of scripture is read aloud for us to hear.
focusing your body, mind, and spirit towards the text.
Being purposefully in God’s tender and loving presence where thoughts, emotions, and words can move in both directions
Opening yourself to what God may bring to your mind or spirit.

Follow these Steps

Invite the Presence of the Holy Spirit
Meditate After the First Reading.
Pray After the Second Reading.
Contemplate After the Third Reading.
Conclude with a prayer of Thanksgiving

Inviting the Spirits Presence through Prayer

Father, thank you for this time to come in worship before you. Reveal yourself to us through your scripture, and give us peace. Holy Spirit, meet us in this place. Ready our hearts to hear from you. Ready our minds to think on you. Ready our souls to rest in you. Amen.


Meditate after the first reading

In silence after the first reading: Meditate

Pray after the second reading

In silence after the second reading: Pray

Contemplate after the third reading

In silence after the third reading: Contemplate

Closing Prayer of Thanksgiving.

Lord, help us treasure your presence with us. Holy Spirit we love you and long for you. Help us keep the words of your scripture on our minds and hearts. Amen.