All are Welcome to Become Monastics or Sojourn with us

All are Welcome to Become Monastics or Sojourn with us

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You, and everyone else, are welcome to become an urban monastic or to sojourn with us. Each one of us chooses to let this Way of Life become the foundation for how we live.

We are here by choice. Each one of us experiences a unique invitation from God into a monastic way of living. This community is open to everyone. With time, we hope that you will experience a growing kinship with one another. The primary way we experience community is through our shared practices and rhythms. To live this way of life grafts us into the monastic tradition that began with our desert Mothers and Fathers in the early days of the Church.

This way of living is open to all people. We express our Christian beliefs in the Nicene Creed. On the points of this creed we are in unity. There is acceptance and diversity for what is not included. You are welcome with your personal blend of Christian tradition, identity, gender, and relationship status. You are welcome from anywhere you may live. Each person who wants to join us has a choice between being a monastic or a sojourner. A monastic is one who commits to living every part of our way of life. Those who sojourn with us enjoy the flexibility to choose which parts they commit themselves to. For those of us who are married, our spouses do not need to participate. This will be a lifelong commitment for some and a season of life for others.

In this same spirit of openness, there are no restrictions on who can fulfill a role or position. Our roles and positions will focus on someone’s ability, availability, spiritual maturity, and willingness. As an ecumenical monastic order, there is normally no preference for Christian tradition. As we seek to maintain our ecumenical commitment, we may, at times, have a preference for individuals from certain Christian traditions.

Becoming a Sojourner

As parts of this way of life resonate with you, you are invited to sojourn with us. Reach out to us to let us know. From this point on, you are a sojourner. Our hope is that your time with us helps you live more monastically in your city. You’re invited to be as involved as you want to be.

Becoming an Urban Monastic

The first thing to do is express your desire to become a monastic to us. After a short dialogue, you will be invited to be a monastic candidate. The candidate process asks each person to begin living our active practices and to deeply reflect on this way of life. This is a period of mutual discernment between you and an Urban Monastic. If, at the conclusion of the discernment period, you two agree that God is calling you to be an Urban Monastic – you will become one.

Obligations to Urban Monasticism

There will be times when our monastic order requests feedback from our monastics. There is an expectation that each person will take time to be prayerful and informed in their response. There is also an annual general meeting of our membership that you are asked to participate in.

Choosing to Leave Urban Monastics

As a voluntary order, we ask that you let leadership know of your decision. There is no point where you owe Urban Monastics anything. If you are willing, we would like to pray and bless you into the future our Lord has for you.

Being Excluded from Urban Monastics

There are two parts of our rule that can cause someone to be excluded. The first is that they fail to disclose their history as an abuser or predator, or commit abuse after joining. This includes anyone who abuses or preys on people within or beyond this community. Statements of exclusion, and hatred may be considered abuse. The second is if they do work that is prohibited. In either case, a conversation will be had about how this person may be welcomed, or not, to be involved in the future. This decision will be publicly disclosed once it is made.

Invitations to Engage

  • How do you sense God inviting you to become an Urban Monastic? Share your sense of calling.
  • What about the Urban Monastic Way of life resonates with you?

Meditations on this Rule