Be Skeptical of Money, Power, and the People who Hold them

Be Skeptical of Money, Power, and the People who Hold them

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The desire for money and power is insatiable. It easily consumes our finite lives. No one gets to have everything. Choose to pursue Jesus over money and power. Live with Christ and follow His narrow path. Be skeptical of those with money and power. Be skeptical of what they tell you.

Our Lord reigns over all creation and throughout time. God is all-powerful. Before and after all things, our God’s voice proclaims, ‘I am’. Yet Jesus let himself be killed at the hands of the powerful. In the Gospels, Jesus told us that the Kingdom of God was for the poor, meek, those who mourn, and the peacemakers. He showed us that His way of peace was to turn away from money and power. Peace was found in forgiveness and humility. We find it when we look away from money and power.

The allure for money and power remains. Every day, we must contend with both of these realities. Our lives require them, and we intersect with them daily. Our work gives us both money and power. Let us be careful that we hold each gently, with humility. We should regularly ask ourself how we can use the money and power entrusted to us for the sake of God’s love. Be careful with those you work with, whose lives and language will tempt and seduce you with false hopes. Money and power are realities of life, but they cannot save. Every life ends, and only love survives.

Money and power continue to speak into our lives. They build the societies we live in. Their presence looms, and their voice is loud. Cities worship money and power above all else. Learn to be skeptical of money. Learn to be skeptical of power. Money and power are not ideas, but realities embodied in people. There are no social systems that are not built and driven by people. We should likewise be skeptical of them. It is easier to soothe the mind and soul corrupted by money and power, than it is to repent.

For the Kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then, in his joy, he went and sold all he had and bought that field. 

Again, the Kingdom of Heaven is like a merchant seeking beautiful pearls. Upon finding one pearl of exceptional worth, they left to sell everything they owned and bought it.

Matthew 13:44-46 [UMB]

The prestige that comes with these duel allures elevates them within our societies. Let us follow the example of Jesus and let them come last. When they ask for advice, we should simply invite them to pray with us. Let our skepticism make us weary of these people. Avoid being taken advantage of by them. Do not give them your trust. Do not lend them your name. Do not owe them anything. You can love them without accepting their false reality. You still can embody the fruit of the spirit with them. Our debts have been paid, and we live in freedom that can only come from the cross.

Invitations to Engage

  • How are you skeptical of money and power while still functioning in your work and city?
  • Meditate on how to hold your money and power with humility and for the sake of God’s love.
  • What does it look like to be skeptical while being loving and embodying the fruit of the spirit?
  • Meditate on the ways your life intersects with money and power.
  • What goals in your life surpass goals about money or power?
  • How may your relationship to money need changing?
  • How may your relationship to power need changing?
  • Who, if anyone, in your life hordes wealth and power?
  • What ways do you check that your heart and spirit have healthy detachment from money and power?
  • Pray that our God would help keep you from desiring money or power.
  • Salvation is for everyone, but how do your desires keep you from enjoying God?
  • Meditate on the ways that God is better than amassing money or power.
  • What are ways that money or power have flattered and complimented you?

Meditations on this Rule