Dedicate Part of your Living Space to Nature

Dedicate Part of your Living Space to Nature

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Life revolves around nature. Life grows from the goodness of creation. Nature that urban life can disconnect us from. When we bring nature into our living space, it reconnects us. A slice of creation is like the garden in the center of monastic cloisters.

Our story begins with creation. As it began, God called creation good. Again and again, people meet God in the wilderness. God is in all places, but when we head into nature, we reconnect with creation. The smell of the earth. The feel of the plants, leaves, and life. Something primordial stirs within us. As we move slowly, one can almost sense the nearness of all things. There in the wilderness, generations collapse and all can feel present. Here, under the canopy of creation, many find themselves close to the Creator.

Living in cities often disconnects us from nature. This can be similar to cloistered monastic life. The heart of a monastery is traditionally a garden surrounded by a cloister. The movement of monastic life takes place around this garden. They sleep, pray, eat, and often work within their cloister. In the center of the garden would be either a fountain or a tree. This was a symbol of the Giver of Life. A reminder that all life orbits around God. We are bound to the Creator. It invites us to step outside of time to see it as both the garden from Eden and the coming eternal kingdom. Each is the source of life. Life today exists because of what was and what will be.

Find a way to bring nature into your living space. Caring for this part of nature connects you to creation as a whole. It is okay to have nature in many places of your home, but choose only one place to dedicate for this. Let it remind you that God asked us to care for creation. Learn how to keep it alive. Watch how it changes with the seasons. Let this space help you reconnect to creation. As we live in cities that have conquered the wildness of creation, remember that we can never conquer the Creator. Remember that we are a part of creation. We share creation. Even in the city, life revolves around nature.

Invitations to Engage

  • Touch and smell the nature in your home. Pray that God will use this to help you feel more connected to creation.
  • Reflect on how caring for creation in your home connects you to God, who cares for you.
  • Meditate on how all life goes through seasons and rhythms.
  • What ways can you engage with the rhythms of nature (and seasons) where you live?
  • Meditate on how your life orbits around our Creator just like every plant, creature, rock, planet, and star.
  • Contemplate on the expansiveness of creation and time. Ask God to give you a correct sense of your scale and place within creation.
  • Meditate on the closeness you may experience with God in Nature, and upon how God is just as close in your home & city.
  • Explore if there are ways you can help bring nature back into your neighborhood and city.

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