Seek Solitude and Once a Year Go on Retreat with God

Seek Solitude and Once a Year Go on Retreat with God

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In solitude, we dwell within the individual and personal love God has for us. No one can do this for us. We alone must seek solitude to be present with God without others. Once a year, we should try to go on retreat with God.

We must be intentional about seeking solitude. Let us discover times and places that can become rhythms of solitude. Our faith is both communal and individual. We need others to help us, teach us, love us, and pray for us. The family of God is beautiful and expansive. Yet, we also need time alone in the presence of God.

During His years of ministry, Jesus would take time away. He would step back from His work, and find rest. Sometimes, these retreats were alone. Other times, these retreats included others. We should go on retreat at least once a year. Try to take retreats that give you extended time for solitude and silence. The most beautifully restful thing you can do on retreat is to be still and quiet before God.

A monastic life is a life with community. A monastic life is one of solitude. It is a life that turns us away from the world to wander alone into divine presence. Presence is the hope for which we set aside all other expectations. There is no one way to seek solitude. It may be a quiet morning before the city awakens. It may be shutting the world out to turn inward on the metro. It may be sacred moments alone, washing dishes by hand. It may be taking a walk alone with God. We commit ourselves to seek, discover, and build solitude into our lives.

Going on retreat is a natural extension of the solitude we seek daily. It is an act of faith, hope, and love to go on retreat. The same God that meets us in solitude within the city will meet us on retreat. These retreats are times to take rest with the greatest love of our life – our God. Let yourself disconnect from your work to focus on your first vocation, prayer. Seek out places for retreat that give you access to nature. Take your retreat alone or go with a group of people. We prioritize going on retreat because our love for God requires special care and attention.

Invitations to Engage

  • Where in your life do you seek solitude? What does seeking solitude look like?
  • What daily things could become moments of solitude?
  • Solitude invites us to defer distractions. How can you protect your sacred moments of solitude?
  • How have you seen the regularity of solitude reduce your expectations and pressure for your time with God?
  • What things help you seek and rest in times of solitude?
  • Reflect on how rhythms of solitude flow into other parts of your life.
  • Praise God for the ways that He is ever present with you and patiently waits for you to enjoy His presence.
  • When and where can you take your next retreat?
  • Reflect on the retreats you have taken with God and appreciate the gift they have been.

Meditations on this Rule