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Introducing our Marian Antiphons for Compline

Throughout year of the Church there are four concluding antiphons during Compline. These are the Marian antiphons. They are wonderful celebrations of the mother of Jesus. They are placed at the conclusion of compline. That makes them the final words we might speak each day. Leaving us lingering with their words and imagery as we turn to rest.

These four antiphons follow an annual rhythm. You can read our translations of these antiphons below. They have been translated from the Latin following our Urban Monastic Translation guidelines.

Alma Redemptoris Mater

From the start of Advent through 1 February

Loving mother * of the Redeemer,
    our gateway of heaven,
    and guiding star of the seas.
Assist those who have fallen,
    yet desire to rise again.

You have borne the holy creator,
    while all creation marveled,
    and you remained a virgin.
Accepting with praise angel Gabriel's invitation,
    have mercy on us sinners.

Ave Regina Caelorum

From 2 February through the end of Lent

Hail, * Queen of Heaven!
Hail, Lady of Angels!
Hail, Fruitful Flower!
Through you light rose over creation.

Rejoice, glorious Mother,
Beautiful among all others!
Hail, Splendid Radiance.
Call out to Christ for us.

Regina caeli

For the whole period of Eastertide

Queen of Heaven, * rejoice, Alleluia!
For the Lord who you chose to bear, Alleluia!
He has risen as He said, Alleluia!
Pray to God for us, Alleluia!

Salve Regina

For the Ordinary between Pentecost and Advent

Hail, * holy Queen, mother of mercy,
    one of life, gentleness, and hope.
We cry in our exile as children of Eve.
    Towards you we sigh, mourn, and weep
    in this valley of tears.

Turn, most gracious advocate,
    your eyes of mercy towards us.
As we end our exile, show us Jesus, 
    the blessed fruit of your flesh.
    Merciful, loving, and sweet Virgin Mary.