Refining our Vision and Mission

Earlier this year, we concluded our fourth Advent and Christmastide season. The three of us founders have been working and supporting Urban Monastics in addition to our normal work. We agreed that it would be good to take some time to reflect on these past three years (since November 2019), pray, and plan for the years to come.

We started with a simple vision statement. It was more focused on what we hoped you would experience with Urban Monasticism in your life.

Being present with God, and others through simple monastic rhythms in everyday life. Rhythms that help us reconnect with God, the cities we live in, and live more holistic lives.

Urban Monastic Vision Statement from 2019

This has been affirmed through our events, and the resources we have created for you. Yet, we felt it would be helpful to have a vision of what success would look like. A vision that is bigger than us. Our refined vision statement also allows us to celebrate and collaborate with other groups.

Our Refined Vision Statement

People present with God and others.
Choosing simple lives in cities.
Grounded in monastic rhythms.

Vision Statement from April 2023

For the first time, we have prayerfully written a mission statement for Urban Monastics. This is the part of our refinement that becomes actionable for us. This mission statement focuses on what we continue to be invited to work on. Where our effort will go to see that vision increase in the world.

Our New Mission Statement

Urban Monastics invites and equips people to live a monastic way of life through its rhythms and practices. Inviting people into both global and local ecumenical communities. Equipping people with spaces, liturgies, texts, education, and resources so they can adopt the Urban Monastic Rule into their lives.

Mission Statement from April 2023

There are two areas of this mission: inviting, and equipping. We have not yet discovered good ways of being a community together. This means that we will need to learn more, try some new things, and support you as best we can. In some ways, the equipping piece is more straight forward. We will continue to craft, create, and translate resources for you to use.

We look forward to sharing more of the fruit from this time. The Lord has been inviting us to explore and develop some new things. Things that we would not have discovered without taking a season to step back. Each of you continue in my prayers.

These statements remain open to refinement and change as we journey with God, and one another. This post will reflects the vision and mission statements on the date of publication.

Photo Credit
Paul Prins on 6 September 2022 in the Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam, Netherlands.