Building our foundation with a Pilot

There is a lot to do around here. We are excited and slowly stepping into what is before us. This is a short letter to announce our Pilot. It will run from 1 December 2019 until 23 May 2021. It is open to all who want to join us, for a time or for the whole pilot.

Present with God
Present with Others

Our hope is to develop a way of living in cities that allows us to be present with God and with others. Living a life connected to Jesus from morning to night. To weave the presence of God in us through the patterns and waves of life. Living a more wholistic life of prayer, work, fellowship, and rest. All things that God loves, does with us, and celebrates in us.

By the end of the pilot we hope to have developed our own breviary, rediscovered our roots back through our historic church, and collectively established an alternative way of living and working in the city.

For the time being we will be encouraging those who join us to use their own resources for prayer, or we will have daily emails with prayers prepared by others for you to pray through.

Join us as either a Monastic (someone committed to living the full way of life) or a Practitioner (joining in the practices without the full way of life).

We would love for you to join us during Advent as we begin.

There are more details on the Monastic Pilot page.

Photo Credit
Paul Prins taken 22 November 2019 on Boulevard Saint-Germain in Paris.