Vespers, Communion, and Conversation

02/05/2021 @ 8:00 pm 9:00 pm CEST

Once a month we join together as a community to pray the divine office, share in the divine meal of communion, and sharing a conversation (see the topic below). This time is strongly encouraged for all who join us as Monastics and Practitioners. It is also open to anyone who wishes to join us.

Please come with bread and wine (or appropriate substitutes) so that you may particpate in communion with us.

This Months Conversation

Together we will be talking about Vocation as Spiritual Work. This is a part of our Commitment and hopefully this conversatio will help us to live out these values. We will likely touch on a few parts of our shared commitment that talk about vocation. The work we do as vocation takes up a large part of our time, energy, and focus. Let us together talk about how we can allow our vocation to be both spiritual work, and a part of our worship to God.

From the Commitment:

Vocation is spiritual work and to provide for your needs.

We are each called to work jobs where we are paid. You can work for someone else, or for yourself. There are no restrictions on vocations, but you should not work in a job where you are expected to harm others (even for the sake of protection). In the same way Jesus used his learned skills to make a living before his ministry started, we should learn skills to make a living for ourselves, our families, and to allow us to be generous to others. This is spiritual work. It is a lesser work than our work of prayer and fasting, but not to be disregarded, or lack our attention.

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