Vespers, Communion, and Conversation

06/06/2021 @ 8:00 pm 9:00 pm CEST

Once a month we join together as a community to pray the divine office, share in the divine meal of communion, and sharing a conversation (see the topic below). This time is strongly encouraged for all who join us as Monastics and Practitioners. It is also open to anyone who wishes to join us.

Please come with bread and wine (or appropriate substitutes) so that you may particpate in communion with us.

This Months Conversation

Together we will be talking about Monastic Rhythms in our Urban Neighborhoods. On our commitment you’ll notice two which rhythms. We have previously talked about daily, weekly, monthly, and annual rhythms. This conversation builds upon this as we look into the intersections and existing rhythms in our urban contexts.

Live life with an urban rhythm.

At our core Urban Monasticism is a pattern and way of life we live together. Our ways of life adapt to the density and style of living in our context. We seek to live a way of life in the midst of the chaos of the city. The boundaries of the city serve as the walls of our monastery. These rhythms include living in a city dense with people, walking and public transit as primary ways of movement, and living in dense housing (both our dwelling, and around us). Not living in an urban context would change the context of your life enough to be beyond some core aspects of what we are. You can participate, but cannot be an urban monastic.

Urban Monastics

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